Liquid Force Contact Kiteboard 2012

Liquid Force Contact Kiteboard 2012

Liquid Force Contact 2012

Liquid Force Contact Beschreibung:

A continuous, mild, tip-to-tip rocker and proven single concave bottom shape gives this board unri- valed characteristics to reach a plane and point up wind. The Contact utilizes a composite molded core creating a smooth flex pattern that absorbs shock on landings and soaks up choppy conditions creating effortless riding!

Board highlights: medium flex, low rocker, concave contour bottom shape, compression molded core, Liquid Rail, sublimated graphics.

Liquid Force Contact Kiteboard Merkmale:

    Liquid Rail, Urethane Rail
    Bottom Contour Shape
    Double Concave to Double Channel Bottom Contours
    Custom Slot Tip/Tail Design
    Liquid Rail Sidewall Construction
    Precision CNC Wood/PVC Foam Combination Core
    LF Competition Flex Profile
    Integrated “Thumb Rail” Deck Contours
    Top and Bottom Graphic Treatments


134cm x 40cm

137cm x 41cm

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