Brunotti Youri Zoon Kiteboard 2013

Brunotti Youri Zoon Kiteboard 2013


youri zoon kiteboard 2013


Youri Zoon Kiteboard 2013 Freestyle


A board that is developed without making compromises, purely build for full freestyle performance. This board may have the hardest pop on the market, due to the stiff pop tips you will have more than enough time to perform all your new-school tricks. The quad channels in this board provide massive grip while the triple concave gives the board loads of stability. Together with the straight outline and power rocker it gives the Youri Pro kiteboard massive speed and easy and early planning capabilities. The massive grip can be difficult with landings, that's why we fitted it with a smooth see true sidewalls and a trick base, providing you the easy landings you are looking for. The Youri Pro kiteboard, a pure freestyle board, huge pop and great speed, just like Youri's style.


Youri Zoon Kiteboard 2013 Range


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Youri Zoon Kiteboard 2013 Größen



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