Brunotti Riptide Kiteboard 2013

Brunotti Riptide Kiteboard 2013


riptide kiteboard 2013


Brunotti Riptide Kiteboard 2013


A board specially for the ladies. Slightly smaller than the mens boards and a special stance for easy control. Build to combine easy handling and a comfortable ride. Making the board nice and comfortable for the knees. The Dimension has got easy upwind performance, good pop and the right flex for easy landings. The double concave provides you the easy planning and cornering, while the duo channels give you good grip and upwind performance. This upwind performance is even stronger due to the grip base, this makes the board go upwind even easier and lets you take control, even in the hardest conditions. To make sure you have a perfect ride we added flextips and an active rocker, these do not only give you a comfortable ride, but also give you a good and controllable pop. All together a superb all-round board for a comfortable ride and good pop to land your new- and oldschool tricks.



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