Brunotti Onyx Pink Kiteboard 2013

Brunotti Onyx Pink Kiteboard 2013


onyx pink kiteboard 2013


Brunotti Onyx Pink Kiteboard 2013 Easy Ride

Searching for an easy ride to start your kiteboarding career? Than this is your board. Slightly smaller than the mens boards and a special stance for easy control for the ladies. The single concave bottom shape and long square outline are especially made to go upwind easily, and have nice low wind capacities. Together with the reflex rocker and cruise base this board easy to control and gives you the confidence you need to learn new tricks. This way you will be able to learn quick and be cruising around and doing tricks in no time! It's a great board to enjoy your first kiteboarding years and learning your first tricks. But do not underestimate this board! It is the best one to start off, but this board is perfectly capable off new and old-school tricks. A great board that gives you the confidence to get better, and will grow with you from you first meters until you're your first tricks


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