Brunotti Onyx Kiteboard 2012

Brunotti Onyx Freeride / Allround Kiteboard 2012

Brunotti Onyx Kiteboard 2012

Brunotti Onyx 2012 Kiteboard Beschreibung:

The Onyx is the beginner to intermediate’s choice of board for either progressing through the initial phases or for getting into more advanced techniques such as jumps, spins, and transitions. The moderate rocker line is an ideal compromise design between speed and manoeuvrability. Multiple footstrap inserts allows a newbie to ride in a variety of configurations. The Onyx comes complete with a grab handle for transport or “board-off” style jumps. NEW is the Onyx Kids in size 122 x 36cm

The Onyx is also a great light-wind board for those 10-15 knot days. A flat bottom has been designed for very light wind planing.

The Onyx will be is delivered with the Flexpad footpads, for maximum comfort, foot protection, and board control.

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